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In 1902, Sanathan Dharma Sabha was inaugurated to promote religious , social l , cultural and education activites in Ladysmith.

An old dwelling house on a acre site at 103 Forbes Street was bought which was converted into a place of worship. The first officials were Shri Baldeo Maharaj (President); Shri Rajkumar Singh (Vice – President) Shri Roopsingh (Seretary) and shri Haribhai Hirjee (Treasurer) The committee members comprising of Messrs Lathernath Maharaj; Sewbalak Maharaj; Nagasar Singh; Deebee Singh; Gooljeri Lalla ; C.Hemunchal ; Hutheram ; C.Jewon ; Mathadeen ; Mathura ; B.B Mathoo ; bajrang Bhagaloo and Sun Singh. The trustees were Shri Moonoo Maharaj and Shri Mandraj Singh.Open air religious ceremonies were conducted in a large Hawan built in a circular foundation 5 ft high an 700 sq. feet in the area.

The erection of a new temple materialized on the 4 January 1959 when the first concrete was poured into the foundation. The foundation stone was unveiled at the function held on the 25 October 1959 by the trustee , Shri Haribhai Hirjee.

The official opening of the temple and Shrine was held on the 7 February 1965. Shri Babu S.Roopsingh of Shakaskaal was honoured to fulfil the task on behalf of Roopsingh Family Religious and Educational Trust.

The Moorthies in the Shrine were consecrated on the same day with the divine blessing of Swami Venkatesananda who was joined by a panel of pundits viz , Pundit Lalla Maharaj ; Pundit Tulsiram ; Pundit  S. Panday ; Pundit B.R Maharaj ; Pundit Ramnarain Dube and Pundit U.M johaker.

The present site also housed Mahatma Gandhi who established a non-White Stretcher-bearer service in the Ambulance Corps in the Ladysmith and Spioenkop during the Anglo-Boer War.

In 1961 a committee was formed to erect a satue in honour of the Mahatma. The committee comprised of Messrs R.M Lodhia (Chairman) ; B Hari (Secretary / Treasurer) ; R.T.Riga ; J.R Singh ; A. Haribhai ; R. Kallideen and S.Ramkelawan. On the birth centenary of Gandhiji , the statue (9 feet high placed on the granite stone pedestal 8 feet) was officially unveiled by Shgri C.C Desai of India. On same day , The Mahatma Gandi House was officially opened by Shri A. Soobiah Pillay. To mark the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi , the officials issued Mahatma Ghandi Centenary Commemorative stamps and Gold Medallions.




committee and sub-committee members

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